Dos @ Montreal Greek Film Festival

Dos is a romance drama of two couples told in reverse. Hector and Neria come from Madrid but live in Barcelona. Hyppolytos and Phaedra are two Athenians who find themselves in Barcelona. This is a tale of four strangers that struggle with the possibility of separation via two languages, two realities and broken lines of communication.

This film begins with one of the 2 couples ending their relationship over brunch. When one of the persons involved asks why, the response is that bottom line, the relationship is motionless. It is from this point forward that the story becomes a time puzzle calling for answers of where did the love go, how did it start and where does one go from here?  Throughout the film one hears the thoughts of the characters beckoning for help such as “I am leaving, don’t let me do it”. Even though there are 2 relationships at stake, the audience is taken on an emotional route of four different persons as they all drift further and further apart from one another.

On a more macroscopic scale, this film deals with the universal theme of love.  It is an analysis of what dreams people keep and what expectations they harbor in their relationships. What happens to the relationships we encounter and does ending them mean we understand ourselves? Writer Athanasiou directed this film in such a way that watching it more than once will reveal different aspects of the relationships involved. It’s almost as if Athanasiou is dissecting the core of each relationship to expose the wound. One almost feels like Big Brother is watching over as the lives of each character as it unfolds. Perhaps there is the reason Athanasiou has one of his characters mention George Orwell’s former residence in this city. A place which formerly experienced a civil revolution, much like the civil strife experienced by the couples in this film.

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