Muse – The 2nd Law

Trying to keep their ambitions and feet on the ground for their sixth studio album, Muse delivers an album which in all honesty can be described as unambitious. No you might be thinking that I’m being a little harsh. I counter with I am being accurate. How can you call this album ambitious when it comes from a rock band that has gone way above and beyond the confines of typical rock music with a couple of their previous albums? They have eliminated the big choirs, string orchestras and horn sections. Don’t worry though as the epic songs, loud guitars and pounding of the keyboards are still around. Interestingly there are some electronica influences (check out “Follow Me”) and beats to be found meshed in with their large stadium rock. The cerebral nature of the band is also still there as proven by the title.  The 2nd Law refers to the second law of thermodynamics, which don’t even ask me what thermodynamics is. Proving that sometimes less is more the band seems a lot freer and basically enjoying themselves more on this album. The energy they created during the recording of the music is palpable and can be felt through your speakers. Certainly not the type of music for every listener but they have amassed a huge following, so are obviously doing something right.

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