Shut Up and Play the Hits – Blu-ray Version

When a big and influential band like LCD Soundsystem decides it is the end of the road that is a big deal.  We kinda want that recorded for posterity.  Directors Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern with approval from the band decided to do just that.  They were there when the band played their last show at Madison Square Garden in New York City.  This is the result.

The show was obviously sold out and the atmosphere was electric.  For almost four hours they played and played and played.  Special guests like Arcade Fire and Reggie Watts joined them on stage.  Watching and listening to them perform is a bittersweet thing.  Sweet because they demonstrate was a good band they are and what great music they have produced over the course of their career and bitter because you know that this is it…this is the end of the road.

Listening and watching all this it came to mind that it was doing the band a disservice to think of them merely as an electronic outfit as many different musical styles and influences can be found here.  James Murphy demonstrates himself to be a multi-talented instrumentalist and a man with a great voice.

Cameras followed lead singer James Murphy over the two days prior to the show.  Giving fans and the curious an inside look at how he prepares and what the emotions were leading up to what he knew was their last show.

On top of the live and behind the scenes stuff is a wonderful conversation between Murphy and writer Chuck Klosterman.  They discuss subjects as obvious as music and why LCD Soundsystem had decided to end it all and as varied as art and aging.

Special Features:

-Extended Interview

-Choir Rehearsal Outtake

-Swearing Reel Outtake

-“Catching Up With Keith”

-Theatrical Trailer

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