Alcatraz: The Complete Series – Blu-ray Edition

Sometimes networks are too impatient with shows before they pull the plug on them. With a series that is not your typical legal drama or romantic friends or lovers comedy sometimes you have to let the series find it rhythm and audience before you cancel it.  Unfortunately for the fans of Alcatraz that kind of patience was not shown. Too bad, because this show was demonstrating real potential towards the end of its run. The storyline is unique and the plot had some lofty concepts. It just wasn’t given enough time to unfurl all its flags.

Episode 1: Pilot: When Alcatraz closed its doors in 1963 some of the inmates went mysteriously missing. Now historian Dr. Diego Soto and Detective Rebecca Madsen are working together to find those that are missing.

Episode 2: Ernest Cobb: Soto and Madsen work to locate a missing Alcatraz inmate who is shooting people in San Francisco.

Episode 3: Kit Nelson: A former Alcatraz inmate who killed children and returned them back home before they died is on the loose and it is up to Soto and Madsen to find him before he kills again.

Episode 4: Cal Sweeney: An Alcatraz inmate who was a bank robber is now being held hostage in a bank robbery so it is up to Rebecca to figure out a way to get him out before his identity is discovered.

Episode 5: Guy Hastings: A former prison guard at Alcatraz resurfaces and this good guy is being asked to do bad things.

Episode 6: Paxton Petty: Bombs are placed all through San Francisco and all signs point to the re-emergence of Alcatraz inmate, Paxton Petty.

Episode 7: Johnny McKee: Another former Alcatraz inmate seems to be around. It is Johnny McKee, a chemist with a taste for blood.

Episode 8: The Ames Brothers: Two brothers, Herman and Pinky Ames, had almost escaped from Alcatraz in 1963 and now, today, they are back there.

Episode 9: Sonny Burnett: While he was in prison in Alcatraz Sonny Burnett became really violent and now he is back.

Episode 10: Clarence Montgomery: The only innocent inmate at Alcatraz, Clarence Montgomery, is back and is not so innocent now.

Episode 11: Webb Porter: An inmate from 1963 has resurfaced and is more violent than ever.

Episode 12: Garrett Stillman: Soto and Madsen seem to get close to the man who might know all the secrets behind the returning of the inmates from 1963.

Episode 13: Tommy Madsen: Danger increases as Rebecca refuses to slow down in her pursuit of Tommy Madsen.

Special Scenes: Deleted Scenes, Alcatraz: Island of Intrigue, Gag Reel

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