A Fine Frenzy – Pines

Alison Sudol is the only person in a Frenzy…uh…I mean she is the only person in A Fine Frenzy. The singer/songwriter is the creative driving force behind the three studio albums released under this moniker. With her latest creation she takes the listener on a journey. A journey that happens inside your mind due to all the vivid visuals her thirteen tracks produce. If you listen to the album from front to back it almost works like a fable. The fable is literally about a pine in the forest and its striving to determine its path in life.  Plenty of symbolism is used to link the pine tree to human experience. You voyage through a journey about loss and then onto how it is alright to move on afterwards. You can almost picture the musician agonizing over every small detail and every lyric she wrote. It is clearly well thought out. Not only that but you can also hear in her voice how she really “feels” the music. The smart melodies and amazing string arrangements almost fall back unnoticed into the background due to the almost overwhelming nature of the story. I don’t use the word overwhelming lightly. You definitely have to be in the right frame of mind to be able to take in what this album has to offer. It is not meant for a quick or light listen through. “Now is the Start” is one of the few up-tempo songs on the album and also is one of the stronger tracks.

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