Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Psychedelic Pill

Ten years is a long time for anyone to wait.  Now they come back with two albums in one year. This one has two discs in which there are eight new tracks. Over 85 minutes of music makes this worth the long wait for new material from Neil Young and Crazy Horse.  “Twisted Road”, “For the Love Of Man” and “Walk Like a Giant” make you wish that they had been recording music together all along. Listening to them play if you close your eyes it is almost as if the 60s never ended. Neil Young really has never changed through the years. He has recorded different styles of music but his heart and soul behind the music has remained constant. Neil Young has always been contemptible towards nonsense and he sees a lot of it in this world. He is not going to stay quiet about it either and you can hear what he thinks in his lyrics. His sensibilities combined with the alt country sound of Crazy Horse is a combo that can make you dizzy with their talent at times. With Young’s yelping voice, screeching guitars, plenty of distortion, marathon jams (one track is 16 minutes long), and feedback you know this is not a musical outfit interested in conforming to the norms of the day as far as music goes.  Most will thank their lucky stars for that.

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