With the Reagan family of New York City they cannot help but bring their work home.  Great grandfather (played by Len Cariou) is the former Police Commissioner of New York, his son Frank (played by Tom Selleck) is the present Police Commissioner of New York, Frank’s daughter Erin (played by Brigette Moynahan) is an Assistant District Attourney, son Danny (played by Donnie Wahlberg) is a First Grade Detective, and son Jamie (played by Will Estes) is an NYPD cop. For several generations the Irish Catholic Reagans have been in public service, i.e. cops in New York City. It is in their blood to seek justice against those who have broken the law.  It all culminates in the entire Reagan family getting together at great grandpa and Frank’s house for Sunday night dinner. This dinner is not simply about eating together it is about them thrashing out any issue facing the entire family. And boy, do they ever have issues.

Episode 1: Mercy: A well-known lawyer is murdered while he is in a hooker’s apartment and Jamie is given his first undercover job.

Episode 2: Friendly Fire: Danny shoots an off-duty cop and is suspended pending an investigation of the shooting.

Episode 3: Critical Condition: A bank robbery occurs and one of the robbers is found out to be a former police officer.

Episode 4: Innocence: A shocking shooting occurs and three teenagers are shot with two being killed. It is shocking because the kids are all good kids.

Episode 5: A Night on the Town: Jamie goes undercover with the Sanfino mob family.

Episode 6: Black and Blue: Reverend Potter, an African-American church leader, is against Frank and his action against subway fare-beaters.

Episode 7: Lonely Hearts Club: A serial killer is killing prostitutes and Jackie (played by Jennifer Esposito) goes undercover as a call girl.

Episode 8: Thanksgiving: The family is distracted with worry about Henry’s recovery from his heart attack.

Episode 9: Moonlighting: Jamie begins to work with the Sanfino family and is constantly worried about his true identity being discovered.

Episode 10: Whistleblower: In the midst of a racketeering case Erin’s informant is murdered by a hitman.

Episode 11: The Uniform: Frank is against exploiting 9/11 for a recruiting campaign.

Episode 12: The Job: Danny hits a man while driving and discovers the man is a convicted child molester who was being pursued by someone trying to kill him.

Episode 13: Leap of Faith: The daughter of a wealthy woman who has died of a heart attack claims that God told her that her stepfather (played by Timothy Busfield) killed her.

Episode 14: Parenthood: A protest at a college turns violent and one of the students arrested has a link to Mayor Poole (played by David Ramsey).

Episode 15: The Life We Chose: An undercover cop is killed during a drug sting and Danny is single minded about catching the killer.

Episode 16: Women With Guns: A woman (played by Margaret Malin) who Frank occasionally “sees” is the victim of an acid attack.

Episode 17: Reagan vs. Reagan: Danny and Jackie’s investigation might harm the case Erin is trying.

Episode 18: No Questions Asked: Reverend Potter returns and Frank is forced to work with him on a Gun Buyback Program.

Episode 19: Some Kind of Hero: Danny investigates the supposed suicide of a firefighter when asked to by his 11-year-old son.

Episode 20: Working Girls: Erin is offered the job as deputy mayor by Mayor Poole.

Episode 21: Collateral Damage: Jamie is placed under house arrest by Frank when it is found out that there is a hit been put out on him by the Sanfinos.

Episode 22: Mother’s Day: Frank has to deal with the threat of a biological attack on New York just before Mother’s Day.

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