Aerosmith – Music From Another Dimension!

Veteran rockers Aerosmith just keep on rock ‘n rolling. No matter the rumours about Steven Tyler leaving the band or his previous side gig being a judge on American Idol or just their advancing ages they just keep putting out albums. Number fifteen demonstrates that despite all the distractions and the aging factor they can still kick ass with the finest. The production is great (Jack Douglas is back), guitar riffs are still primo, and Tyler’s singing is its usual raspy, shrieky. We even get the added bonus of Joe Perry providing vocals on one track entitled “Freedom Fighter”. That being said this first part is a review for all the up-tempo songs on the album.  The ballads…well, what to say. I have always thought that ballads have always been the weakest parts of Aerosmith’s catalogue. The same goes for this album, so in that way it is just as expected.  Besides not being so strong there are waaaaay too many ballads. I mean, six on a fifteen track album? Plus a duet on one of them with Carrie Underwood of all people?!? She has a good voice and everything but stylewise I’m not sure it is a match. So my review is six songs (ballads) weak and nine songs good rockers.

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