Main characters Gil Favor (played by Eric Fleming), foreman Rowdy Yates (played by Clint Eastwood) and cook Wishbone (played by Paul Brineger) along with twenty-five drovers are tasked with the job of riding over 3,000 cattle across the Old West. Along the way they seem to get themselves involved in one situation after another. Adventure and drama ensues. The program aired for eight seasons and was a Golden Globe nominee for Best TV Show.

Episode 1: Incident of El Toro: While the herd is being distracted by a wild bull it is up to a hired hand who is usually up to no good to get rid of him.

Episode 2: Incident of the Hunter: Rowdy recognizes the newly hired drover as a fellow Confederate soldier. Then Clay (played by Charles H. Gray) says he is a bounty hunter which makes the entire crew nervous about who he might be after.

Episode 3: Incident of the Portrait: One of the new drovers has to bring a blind girl to the next town after accidentally killing her rancher-father.

Episode 4: Incident at Cactus Wells: An old cowboy who has been following the drive asks Gil to join the crew.

Episode 5: Incident of the Prodigal Son: The crew saves the life of a rich but spoiled college kid but he cannot seem to get along with anyone except Gruff (played by Gene Evans).

Episode 6: Incident of the Four Horsemen: The drovers get involved in a range war.

Episode 7: Incident of the Lost Woman: Favor rescues a widow and her child who have been left to their own devices on the range.

Episode 8: Incident of the Dogfaces: The drovers help three soldiers who are in Comanche country and under attack by Indians.

Episode 9: Incident of the Wolvers: An aggressive wolf pack threatens the cattle while Favor is away.

Episode 10: Incident at Sugar Creek: A stampede makes a victim of one of the drovers and so it is up to Rowdy to bring him to a doctor at Sugar Creek.

Episode 11: Incident of the Reluctant Bridegroom: After being drugged in a saloon, Rowdy wakes up to find himself married to the girlfriend of the bar owner.

Episode 12: Incident of the Querencias: An old friend of Favor’s find himself bankrupt and only 30 cattle to his name so he joins the crew as a drover.

Episode 13: Incident at Quivira: A rambling prospector manages to convince Mushy (played by James Murdoch) to join him on a search on what he claims is land full of gold.

Episode 14: Incident of Decision: A rancher’s crippled son who wants to be a drover secretly follows the crew and as a result is kidnapped by Mexican bandits.

Episode 15: Incident of the Buryin’ Man: A very talkative undertaker and a strange couple with a lot of secrets join the crew and they attract the attention of the Cheyenne.

Episode 16: Incident of the Trail’s End: Favor hires a man who used to be his old trail boss as part of his crew without realizing that the man is going blind.

Episode 17: Incident at Spider Rock: When a town they’ve stopped in take advantage of the drovers Favor takes on the entire town.

Episode 18: Incident of the Mountain Man: Rowdy brings a man accused of murder to town for his trial but when they run into a couple of Indians his job is made harder.

Episode 19: Incident at Crooked Hat: After challenging retired gunslinger a man is injured in the ensuing gun fight so Rowdy and the gunslinger bring him to a town to see the doctor and there they face some more trouble.

Episode 20: Incident of Judgment Day: Rowdy is placed on mock trial by a former commanding officer who has accused him of divulging information to the enemy.

Episode 21: Incident of the Gallows Tree: Quince (played by Steve Raines) is accused of the murder of an eminent citizen.

Episode 22: Incident of the Married Widow: Much to his surprise, Favor finds out that a saloon owner has been claiming to be his widow.

Episode 23: Incident of the Pale Rider: Rowdy is forced to kill a man who was trying to steal from him and when he returns to the herd he meets the new drover who looks exactly like the man he killed.

Episode 24: Incident of the Comanchero: Rowdy helps a pair of nuns who have rescued a man from the Indians.

Episode 25: Incident of the Clown: When the Comanche Chief’s son dies before a doctor can be found for him the chief vows to kill all white men he sees.

Episode 26: Incident of the Black Ace: One of the gypsies who Rowdy and Favor have invited to stay with the crew for the night reads Wishbone’s fortune and it is not good.

Episode 27: Incident of the Hostages: Rowdy comes in conflict with an Apache tribe when he buys three white children raised by them.

Episode 28: Incident of White Eyes: Favor becomes entangled with the Apache and their pursuit of a bandit.

Episode 29: Incident at Rio Doloraso: Rowdy and Favor kill a man who purposely cause a stampede of the herd which killed one of their men and now they face execution.

Episode 30: Incident at Alkali Sink: During a wedding at the camp there is trouble brewing between the groom and his father-in-law.

Episode 31: Abilene: One of the drovers comes down with smallpox and the rest of the crew has to be quarantined in a hotel in Abilene.

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