Riverbeds – Hiding Small Things in Obvious Places

Montreal’s own Riverbeds have released their debut EP, Hiding Small Things in Obvious Places. Formed in 2010 the band is not your typical outfit. The fact that they say that this EP was influenced by moustaches, kittens and Ontario clues you into that.  Basically they are a pop post rock outfit but not in a wimpy way like Simple Plan or the like. Plenty of oomph rather than an emphasis on the commercial side of things. In other words, they bring it. But not in a bleeding from the ears kind of way. The five songs are all very melodic with the track “Years” being quite soft. Energy is full on in the other four tracks. What I really like about most of their songs is how they build to the choruses which are total sing-along material. Good beat, nice vocals and playing. All in all a very listenable start for these four guys.

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