Coldplay Live 2012 – Blu-ray/CD Combo Edition

After the success of the album Mylo Xyloto Brit band Coldplay embarked on a world tour. The tour began in June 2011 and so far over 3 million have seen them play live. Selling out everywhere it stopped it was one of the largest grossing tours of the year. Figuring that if that many people were fans it would mean that they would want to relive their live experience with the band over and over. Plus people who could not get tickets to the sold out shows would want to see what they missed.

With that in mind the band had the shows in Montreal (yay!), Madrid, Los Angeles, Paris, and at the Glastonbury festival recorded. Director Paul Dugdale really manages to capture the innovativeness of the show and a group of musicians who are in their element and enjoy what they do. To add another dimension to the usual concert film there are interviews with the band members interspersed between songs.

A warning though as Dugdale maybe thought he was directing another Prodigy show as on occasion his camera is quite twitchy.  He goes from the left side of the stage to the right very quickly which caused some irritation to my eyes.  Very choppy editing. Should be smooth just like you were there watching it all unfurl live.

A live CD of the shows also comes in the package.

1. Live 2012 – Menu Loops
2. Opening Credits (Us Against the World)
3. Mylo Xyloto (Live)
4. Hurts Like Heaven (Live)
5. In My Place (Live)
6. Intermission 1
7. Major Minus (Live)
8. Yellow (Live)
9. Intermission 2
10. Violet Hill (Live)
11. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (Live)
12. Princess of China (Live)
13. Intermission 3
14. Up in Flames (Live)
15. Viva La Vida (Live)
16. Intermission 4
17. Charlie Brown (Live)
18. Paradise (Live)
19. Us Against the World (Live)
20. Clocks (Live)
21. Intermission 5
22. Fix You (Live)
23. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (Live)
24. End Credits (Up With the Birds)
25. The Scientist (Live)
26. Don’t Let It Break Your Heart (Live)

Special Features: The Scientist, Don’t Let It Break Your Heart, Photo Gallery

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