Presented by the History Channel, Ancient Aliens is enjoyable whether you believe in alien life forms or not. It tries to make links between ancient events and alien contact on Earth. Many types of evidence are used to forward different arguments. It started off as a one-time television special and turned into a series. The series is narrated by Robert Clotworthy.

Episode 1: The Mayan Conspiracy: A look at the Mayans and what might have really happened to them. An examination of ruins and artifacts shows that they might have had contact with an alien being.

Episode 2: The Doomsday Prophecies: Does the end of the Earth as predicted by the Mayan Calendar as December 12, 2012 really mean the return of Bolon Yokte. Bolon Yokte is the extraterrestrial linked to creation and war. Or does it mean the end of the planet due to a galactic shifting?

Episode 3: The Greys: The Greys are large headed beings that have been portrayed in cave paintings and carved stone figures.  Look into what they are and where they are from.

Episode 4: Aliens and Mega-Disasters: With all the large disasters that have happened throughout the history of mankind could they have been brought on by aliens and not God?

Episodes 5: The NASA Connection: Does the U.S. government have a secret alien program? Do they have secret bases on the dark side of the Moon? Are they keeping the proof that there are aliens from us?

Episode 6: The Mystery of Puma Punku: These ruins are almost 14,000 years old. No one seems sure how they were built and by whom. After some experts travel to Peru to look at what remains of it a theory is forwarded that Puma Punku was actually built by aliens.

Episode 7: Aliens and Bigfoot: All over the world there have been Bigfoot sightings. Are they beings from another planet?

Episode 8: The Da Vinci Conspiracy: Da Vinci’s private journals, paintings and sketches are looked at to see if he knew of any alien technology or beings. Were his paintings influenced by aliens?

Episode 9: The Time Travelers: Is it possible that aliens are merely time travellers from our future? Is time travel possible?

Episode 10: Aliens and Dinosaurs: Did aliens kill off the dinosaurs in order to make room for humans? Were humans and dinosaurs on Earth at the same time?