Plenty of controversy surrounded this television series. It was finally cancelled and that decision had nothing to do with the quality. HBO pulled the plug on it due to the death of three horses involved in the series about horseracing and gambling. They cancelled the series after protests led by the Ethical Treatment of Animals and PETA led to the public also protesting the obvious danger to the animals.

In regards to its quality the series was a good one that showed plenty of potential.  It involved humour, grittiness and a level of realism not often seen.  The cast was impressive and it was the brainchild of the men behind series like Deadwood (David Milch) and Miami Vice (Michael Mann).

Episode 1: Pilot: Ace Bernstein (played by Dustin Hoffman) has just been released from prison. While inside for three years he planned his revenge on those who betrayed him.

Episode 2: Ace meets with some people who might invest and Walter Smith (played by Nick Nolte) finds a jockey for his horse.

Episode 3: Ronnie (played by Gary Stevens) is no longer Walter’s jockey. Jerry (played by Jason Gedrick) rebids on the horse that Mulligan (played by W. Earl Brown) claimed.

Episode 4: Rosie’s (played by Kerry Condon) happiness is shortlived due to Leon’s (played by Tom Payne) weight. Jerry’s partners try to get some separation between him and a poker foe.

Episode 5: Marcus (played by Kevin Dunn) is worried about his health and Ace forces Escalante (played by John Ortiz) hand in regards to his jockey.

Episode 6: Ace offers up a plan for him to buy part of the racetrack. Joey’s (played by Richard Kind) depression gets worse.

Episode 7: Rosie and Ronnie battle over the same mount and Jerry tries to win his way into a poker tournament.

Episode 8: Gus (played by Dennis Farina), Ace and Walter’s horse all are in the same important race. Leon loses while Rosie wins.

Episode 9: Ace receives a visit he didn’t expect and there is a million dollar race in which two strong colts go head to head.