Phillip Phillips – The World From the Side of the Moon

Groan! Do I really have to review an album from an American Idol winner? Really? Those were the first thoughts that went through my mind when I picked up this The World From the Side of the World by Phillip Phillips. Everything was against him from the beginning – the American Idol thing, his redundant doubled name and the cumbersome title of the album. As I started listening I stayed partially with that initial feeling but I found myself kinda moving on the “he’s not so bad” side. The bad is that funnily enough his covers are the weakest parts of the album.  Phillips take on Michael Jackson’s campy (and it’s meant to stay that way!) “Thriller” is pretty hard to take. Completely wrong! Then when you get to his originals you see the appeal that made him the winner of the reality singing show.  An above average guitar player with that raspy, sensitive kind of voice that the gals eat up with a spoon, Phillips is not without talent. If you are into that overly serious Jason Mraz or Damien Rice type of music then you should give this a listen to.

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