There are very few actresses who can do evil like Glenn Close. And trust me she is evil on this television show. Her character is lawyer Patty Hewes is cold, calculating, manipulative, and always has several pans in the fire. It is a role that lots of actresses would give their eye teeth for and Glenn Close chews scenery with the best of them in the role. Her icy stares and eerie smiles would scare even the bravest of folks. This is a woman who doesn’t know how to lose. It is win at all costs for Patty.

This season uses a story ripped from the economic headlines in the United States with Ponzi schemes, a rich family under suspicion and circling lawyers. It is one of the biggest cases of Patty Hewes’ illustrious career. Patty and her right hand man Tom Shayes (played by Tate Donovan) go up against the Tobin family, Joe (played by Campbell Scott), Marilyn (played by Lily Tomlin), Carol (played by Ana Reeder) and the family lawyer, Leonard Winstone (played by Martin Short).

Episode 1: Your Secrets Are Safe: Patty Hewes is working on a lawsuit against Louis Tobin (played by Len Cariou), an investor involved in a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme. Ellen (played by Rose Byrne) is now working for the district attourney’s office.

Episode 2: The Dog is Happier Without Her: Joe Tobin finds out his father has stashed away a lot of money before being caught. Patty and Tom are assigned the case in order to get the money back for the wronged investors.

Episode 3: Flight’s at 11:08: Joe and the family lawyer Lenny try to stash away a witness. Tom tells his family that they have lost all their money investing in the Tobin Ponzi scheme.

Episode 4: Don’t Throw That at the Chicken: Patty puts pressure on Louis Tobin to reveal where he has hidden the money. Louis tries to keep a tab on Joe’s drinking.

Episode 5: It’s Not My Birthday: The fact that Louis Tobin has an affair is uncovered. A reporter who Ellen knew from the UNR case returns into her life.

Episode 6: Don’t Forget to Thank Mr. Zedeck: Joe tries to uncover where his father hid the money. Patty and Tom keep working for their clients to recover the money.

Episode 7: You Haven’t Replaced Me: The trail to the Tobin’s stashed money leads Patty and Tom to Antigua. Ellen’s investigation into the Ponzi scheme uncovers some new facts.

Episode 8: I Look Like Frankenstein: Patty and Tom strike out in Antigua. Patty decides to try and locate the missing Carol Tobin.

Episode 9: Drive It Through Hardcore: Ellen does not know what to do about her sister Carrie (played by Miriam Shor) getting arrested. Patty and Tom are close to uncovering Carol Tobin.

Episode 10: Tell Me I’m Not Racist: Patty and Tom are about to be removed from the Tobin case. Ellen tries to talk Tessa Marchetti (played by Vanessa Ray) into cooperating with the investigation.

Episode 11: All That Crap About Your Family: Patty is forced into making a deal with the District Attourney after Tessa Marchetti is arrested. Ellen discovers something about her family.

Episode 12: You Were His Little Monkey: Tom is forced to resign from the firm after his personal involvement in revealed. The truth about Lenny’s past comes out.

Episode 13: The Next One’s Gonna Go in Your Throat: Patty’s refusal to give up the pursuit of the Tobins leads to chaos and tragedy.

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