Longtime fans of the animated television show have been complaining a lot about the declining quality of The Simpsons. For the most part this has been a legitimate complaint. For the past few seasons there has been only a few gems tucked within the entire season as opposed to steady quality. The fifteenth season stops that particular trend in that it is fairly strong all the way through. It is still not the quality of the show at its apex but it is better than most.

Episode 1: Treehouse of Horror XIV: Death comes to the Simpsons looking for Bart, Homer mistakenly gets a call meant for Professor Fink telling him he has won a Nobel Prize, Bart and Millhouse get their hands on a stopwatch that actually stops time

Episode 2: My Mother the Carjacker: Marge wins a t-shirt from television show “Oops Patrol” and is the envy of all of Springfield.

Episode 3: The President Wore Pearls: At Springfield Elementary it is Vegas Night and it is a success.

Episode 4: The Regina Monologues: While on a family vacation to London Grandpa runs into a love from long ago.

Episode 5: The Fat and the Furriest: It is Mother’s Day and Homer takes the kids with him shopping in order to buy a better gift.

Episode 6: Today I Am a Clown: Maggie is locked in the bathroom and only rescued when Lisa tries the rescue solution for a second time.

Episode 7: ‘Tis the Fifteenth Season: It is Christmastime and at the power plant Mr. Burns is handing out the Christmas Bonuses.

Episode 8: Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays: In order to gain control of the tv remote Bart encourages Marge to buy Lisa a Roofi CD.

Episode 9: I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot: Millhouse and Bart use a Psycho Cycle bike conversion in order to make Bart’s cooler and are still picked on by the older guys.

Episode 10: Diatribe of a Mad Housewife: Homer causes problems with the power plant’s security system.

Episode 11: Margical History Tour: Marge, Lisa, Bart and Millhouse go to the library only to discover there are no longer books on the shelves.

Episode 12: Millhouse Doesn’t Live Here Anymore: Millhouse demonstrates on the school field trip to the Museum of Television and TV that he just doesn’t give a darn anymore.

Episode 13: Smart and Smarter: After Apu signs up a couple of his kids to pre-nursery school and Homer decides to sign up Maggie as well as she isn’t speaking yet.

Episode 14: The Ziff Who Came to Dinner: Homer encounters some complications while trying to take the kids to a movie.

Episode 15: Co-Dependent’s Day: The latest chapter of “Cosmic Wars” is out and Bart, Lisa and Homer get tickets to it.

Episode 16: Wandering Juvie: The Simpsons all go shopping and it is quite an adventure.

Episode 17: My Big Fat Geek Wedding: Principal Skinner and Edna are finally tying the knot.

Episode 18: Catch ‘Em If You Can: Bart and Lisa get to stay home while the rest of the family travel to Ohio for Uncle Tyrone’s birthday.

Episode 19: Homer starts buying a ton of pork products after learning that if he finds a golden ticket he wins a trip to Farmer Billy’s Bacon Factory.

Episode 20: The Way We Weren’t: A fight between Homer and Bart lands them in Simpson Family Court with Lisa as the judge.

Episode 21: Bart-Mangled Banner: It is shot day and Bart will do everything and anything to avoid the needle.

Episode 22: Fraudcast News: The town of Springfield is going to celebrate their natural landmark, “Geezer Rock” but a few things go wrong.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Commercials, Original Sketches, Multi-Angle Animated Showcase, “All Aboard With Matt”, “The Unusual Ones”, “Living in the Moment”