Whether you agree with her methods or not you have to agree that ice cold Patty Hewes (played by Glenn Close) is brilliant. She is always three steps ahead of everyone including the lawyers in her own firm. Every case she takes on involves seemingly unbeatable odds and yet she comes out on top. This season she assumes a case brought to her by a former member of her team, Ellen Parsons (played by Rose Byrne). Ellen is personally involved in the case against High Star Security as a former high school classmate, Chris Sanchez (played by Chris Messina), is her primary witness. Even though this is Ellen’s case Patty is never far from the center of the action.

Episode 1: There’s Only One Way to Try a Case: Patty Hewes is involved in a case involving a French drug maker while Ellen Parsons meets with high school classmate Chris Sanchez in order to bring a case against private security firm High Star for their actions during a mission in Afghanistan.

Episode 2: I’ve Done Way Too Much for This Girl: Chris agrees to testify and Ellen convinces the partners in her firm to launch a lawsuit against High Star Security. Soon, though, the rug is pulled out from under Ellen’s feet and it is Patty to the rescue once again.

Episode 3: I’d Prefer My Old Office: Ellen once again occupies an office at Hewes & Associates. She continues working on her lawsuit against High Star CEO Howard Erickson (played by John Goodman).

Episode 4: Next One’s On Me, Blondie: Chris is being held hostage in Afghanistan. He does manage to get a message back to Ellen in New York.

Episode 5: We’ll Just Have to Find Another Way to Cut the Balls Off This Thing: CIA operative Jerry Boorman (played by Dylan Baker) attempts to put a spoke in the wheels of Ellen’s deposition. Nervous, Howard turns to a friend in the Defense Department to stop the release of incriminating confidential files.

Episode 6: Add That Little Hopper to Your Stew: Neither Patty nor Ellen can get in to see the imprisoned Nasim Marwat (played by Usman Ally). Ellen is getting closer to uncovering the CIA cover-up of the illegal mission in Afghanistan carried out by High Star employees.

Episode 7: I’m Worried About my Dog: Ellen and Patty try to work their source inside the CIA who can help in their lawsuit. Howard keeps trying to bury the truth.

Episode 8: The War Will Go On Forever: Ellen sends a Times reporter (played by Griffin Dunne) to Afghanistan to find Chris. Ellen and Patty depose Howard.

Episode 9: There’s a Whole Slew of Ladies With Bad Things to Say About the Taliban: Jerry agrees to betray Howard in order to protect the Afghan boy he has captive in a CIA safe house. Chris’s life is in peril.

Episode 10: Failure is Lonely: Ellen decides to settle the lawsuit in exchange for Chris’s life. Patty continues to work behind the scenes.

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