ted unratedIt has been a while since I’ve gone to a film that made me laugh out loud like this one. Granted it is all silly stuff but that is exactly what I was expecting and got from Ted. I mean the whole premise of the story of a grown man who has a teddy bear, who walks and talks, as his best friend is preposterous. They were not splitting atoms here. As Seth McFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad) is involved as the voice of the bear and director you know it is going to be rude and crude. Check and check for those two categories.

John Bennett is a young boy in dire need of a best friend. One Christmas he wishes aloud that his teddy bear could be real and poof it happens. Now John (Mark Wahlberg – Contraband, The Fighter) is an adult and works as an assistant manager at a car rental agency. He is a bit of doofus though of the harmless variety.

Dating his very beautiful girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis – The Black Swan, Friends With Benefits) becomes a little tricky due to his foul-mouthed and stuffed best friend/teddy bear Ted (Seth McFarlane). Ted is not your typical talking stuffed animal (whatever that is) in that he swears, drinks a lot and brings home hookers. You can see where I’m going here…Lori wants John to get rid of Ted and Ted and John really don’t know how to live without one another. How much Ted really means to him becomes crystal clear when a slimeball (Giovanni Ribisi – Avatar, Lost in Translation) wants to kidnap Ted to give to his son.

No matter who you are you have to admit that listening and watching a potty mouthed teddy bear swear and chase women is funny. Though I must warn you that the film is not for the faint of heart as it is often racist, sexist, rude, irreverent, and basically offensive to most. What it most certainly is is a good time. I frequently laughed and laughed hard.  The one-liners keep coming fast and furious.

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