Another miniseries based upon a book written by Ken Follet. World Without End is the sequel to The Pillars of the Earth. The eight-part miniseries deals with a medieval England in a state of change and turmoil. England is on the verge of war with France. When it begins it will not be over for close to one hundred years. There is also a plague which will wipe out a large portion of the population. Kingsbridge is the focal point of the story and its citizens have to deal with problem after problem whether it is from the crown or the clergy.

Episode 1: Knight: Queen Isabella (Aure Atika) plots against and has killed her husband, King Edward II (Ben Chaplin – The Thin Red Line, The Remains of the Day). Her son is named King Edward III (Blake Ritson – RocknRolla, Titus).

Episode 2: King: It is six years later and Kingsbridge has risen as one against Queen Isabella. Gwenda (Nora van Waldstatten) forges an alliance with Wulfric (Tom Cullen) after she pays to have him released from the stocks.

Episode 3: Prior: Brother Godwyn (Rupert Evans – Hellboy), who seems to have lost his mind, asserts that the collapse of the Kingsbridge bridge is a punishment from God for the sins of the citizens. Queen Isabella schemes to get her son, King Edward III, to declare war on France.

Episode 4: Check: The citizens of Kingsbridge are incensed when Edward III raises taxes to fund the war against France. As Caris (Charlotte Riley – Easy Virtue) becomes a nun Merthin (Tom Weston-Jones – from television’s Copper) leaves for Italy.

Episode 5: Pawns: The war against France continues and it is taxing the English army to its limits. Caris gets a letter from Merthin from Italy that speaks of a terrible plague that is killing thousands.

Episode 6: Rook: The war is over and the English soldiers return bringing the plague with them. Ralph (Oliver Jackson-Cohen – The Raven, Faster), in reward for his service to the King during the war, is made and Earl and his wealth almost matches Roland’s (Peter Firth – The Hunt for Red October, The Greatest Game Ever Played).

Episode 7: Queen: Caris, Merthin, Thomas (Ben Chaplin) and Matthias (Jason Langley) set out for the Forest Monastery to find Godwyn and the money he has stolen. Wulfric finally summons the courage to stand up against the injustices like Gwenda but is sent to the gallows.

Episode 8: Checkmate: Ralph tells Queen Isabella of the rebellion in Kingsbridge and King Edward III orders an attack on the city. Caris is in danger of being burned at the stake as a witch after she leaves the convent to be with Merthin.

Special Features: The Making of Ken Follet’s World Without End, Previews of Ken Follet: The Pillars of the Earth, The Intouchables, The Words