Television’s longest running Western starring James Arness as Marshal Matt Dillon, the man who keeps the peace. Set in frontier country it depicts the trials and tribulations of living out there at that time in American history. Dodge City is the central location and it is a town filled with more than its share of gunfights, fist fights, robberies, and other types of criminal elements. This keeps Matt Dillon and his deputy Chester Goode (played by Dennis Weaver) very busy.

Episode 1: Perce: Matt’s loyalty to an ex-con who previously saved his life is tested when the man is accused of robbing a stagecoach.

Episode 2: Old Yellow Boots: Matt tries to stop a spinster who is quite desperate for love marry a thief and a murderer.

Episode 3: Miss Kitty: Kitty (played by Amanda Blake) picks up a young boy from the stage and gets so close to him that people begin to wonder if she is his mother.

Episode 4: Harpe’s Blood: A father is worried that his sons have inherited some bad traits from their mother’s side.

Episode 5: All That: The townspeople try to get back on the good side of a man they drove out of Dodge when he comes back with bags of gold.

Episode 6: Long, Long Trail: Matt goes with a woman who is making a long trek across the prairies to meet up with her fiancé.

Episode 7: The Squaw: A son objects when his widowed father married an Indian woman.

Episode 8: Chesterland: Chester is in love and quits as Matt’s deputy to become a farmer and live his life with his fiancée.

Episode 9: Milly: A young girl is looking to get away from her alcoholic and abusive father but is rejected by several men.

Episode 10: Indian Ford: Matt and a captain in the army attempt a rescue of a woman who has been kidnapped by Indians who were robbing a stagecoach.

Episode 11: Apprentice Doc: One of the three bank robbers who have kidnapped Doc (played by Milburn Stone) seems to be very interested in medicine.

Episode 12: Nina’s Revenge: A man plots to blackmail his wealthy father-in-law and it involves the father believing his daughter has committed adultery with a ranch hand.

Episode 13: Marry Me: A mountain man and his family kidnap Miss Kitty after he decides he wants her for his bride.

Episode 14: A Man a Day: A gang of outlaws give Matt a choice to either leave town so they can rob the bank or they will kill one innocent person a day.

Episode 15: The Do-Badder: The townspeople are not happy when a prospector comes into Dodge with some ideas for change.

Episode 16: Lacey: A hired hand falls in love with the boss’s daughter but the father disapproves.

Episode 17: Cody’s Code: Cody (played by Anthony Caruso) saves the life of a good man but the price he pays is too high.

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