A Golden Globe winner and this is its eighth and final season. Enjoy it while you can. Private eye Joe Mannix (played by Mike Connors) always seems to be in the middle of tough cases. Whether they involve missing bodies, assassinations, torture chambers or other kinds of dangerous doings, Mannix is the man that clients turn to when threat or menace is involved.

Episode 1: Portrait in Blues: One member of a popular musical duo is almost electrocuted and it is up to Mannix to find out who wants to kill the musician.

Episode 2: Game Plan: Mannix’s goddaughter goes missing and her kidnappers make an unusual demand.

Episode 3: A Fine Day for Dying: After being in a coma for over a year due to being hit by a car, Mannix’s client is once again the target of a murderer.

Episode 4: Walk on the Blind Side: Peggy (played by Gail Fisher) is kidnapped by mobsters after they mistakenly believe that she is an informant.

Episode 5: The Green Man: A mother hires Mannix to find her son, who is being pursued by both the feds and some unsavoury types as he is a counterfeiter.

Episode 6: Death Has No Face: Mannix has to try and quickly figure out who is making death threats against him.

Episode 7: A Small Favor for an Old Friend: A war buddy of Mannix’s, who became a mob courier, is killed while transporting something to Acapulco.

Episode 8: Enter Tami Okada: Mannix is engaged by a Japanese private eye after a diplomatic c courier is taken while traveling to the consulate.

Episode 9: Picture of a Shadow: Mannix tries to solve a series of murders by first solving that of a photographer he did not know.

Episode 10: Desert Sun: At the request of a friend Mannix travels to Albuquerque to help prove that an Indian’s death was not accidental.

Episode 11: The Survivor Who Wasn’t: The wife of a man who was presumed dead after a plane crash believes the man with a different face is her husband.

Episode 12: A Choice of Victims: Mannix uses gossip journalist Rona Barrett to help get to the bottom of the death of the husband of a Hollywood actress when it seems like she might have been the target of the car bomb.

Episode 13: A Word Called Courage: A war veteran seeks revenge for his court martialing by kidnapping Mannix and proving that anyone will give up secrets if they are tortured.

Episode 14: Man in a Trap: Another private eye who was also a friend of Mannix is shot and it is up to Mannix to figure out why.

Episode 15: Chance Meeting: Peggy’s cousin seems to be the next target for murder after her husband is knifed in the bathroom of a bus station.

Episode 16: Edge of the Web: Mannix is hired by a friend whose son has been accused of killing his university professor after being denied his degree and sleeping with the man’s wife.

Episode 17: A Ransom for Yesterday: A mother whose son has been missing for six years finally gets a ransom note prompting Mannix to reopen the case.

Episode 18: The Empty Tower: Mannix and his fishing buddy are trapped inside an office vault and they are running out of air.

Episode 19: Quartet for a Blunt Instrument: Mannix takes on as a client a hitchhiker he has picked up after finding out he is being accused of murdering his boss.

Episode 20: Bird of Prey, Part 1: A man dies while Mannix is in South America searching for the man who saved his client’s son.

Episode 21: Bird of Prey, Part II: Still in South America Mannix is now in the middle of a conspiracy and assassination plot.

Episode 22: Design for Dying: A publisher hires Mannix to find out if his wife has cheated on him but once he starts the investigation Mannix realizes there is more to the case than meets the eye.

Episode 23: Search for a Dead Man: A hitman hires Mannix to locate a body as he needs the proof that he carried out an ordered hit.

Episode 24: Hardball: Mannix is forced by a drug dealer who has taken hostages at his court case to locate the person who betrayed him and his gang.