Shameless: The Complete Second Season – Blu-ray Edtion

When we watch television programs like Dallas or Gossip Girl we see depictions of families that are nothing like our own.  They are too rich, too filled with drama and just basically unrealistic. Now, Shameless features a family that is in the economic category of more of us, but it is still a pretty unrealistic family. The Gallaghers are a family without boundaries. With a father who is an alcoholic mess, a twentysomething daughter who is the defacto mother and breadwinner for the family and the rest who are pretty much unlikeable for their own reasons. Basically they are completely dysfunctional. It is in an entertaining way, though. If you can stomach their nonsense then you’ll enjoy the watch.

Episode 1: Summertime: Fiona (played by Emily Rossum) moves on after her breakup with Steve (played by Justin Chatwin) and gets a job as a bartender. Debbie (played by Emma Kenney) starts running a daycare with Carl (played by Ethan Cutkosky).

Episode 2: Summer Loving: Fiona tries to juggle her love life, job and taking care of the kids. Jasmine (played by Amy Smart) decides to help Fiona by setting her up with a sugar daddy.

Episode 3: I’ll Light a Candle for You Every Day: Frank (played by William H. Macy) does anything and everything to stay in Dottie’s (played by Molly Price) good books. Jody (played by Zach McGowan) asks Frank for Karen’s (played by Laura Slade Wiggins) hand in marriage.

Episode 4: A Beautiful Mess: Fiona has to deal with the consequences of sleeping with a married man when his wife shows up at her door. Ian (played by Cameron Monaghan) keeps on preparing for West Point.

Episode 5: Father’s Day: Carl rents out Frank’s room to a prostitute. Fiona goes to a fancy wedding and lies about who she is.

Episode 6: Can I Have a Mother?: Grammy Gallagher (played by Louise Fletcher) makes a visit and tries to track down a drug dealer who owes her money. Fiona discovers while on a double date that Steve is married.

Episode 7: A Bottle of Jean Nate: Frank wants Grammy out of the house but Fiona defends her. That is until the meth lab in the basement explodes.

Episode 8: Parenthood: Grammy is near death. Frank walks in on Ian and Mickey (played by Noel Fisher) in a passionate moment.

Episode 9: Hurricane Monica: Monica (played by Chloe Webb) is back and she and Frank start hatching schemes again. Fiona is not sure about her decision to kick Lip (played by Jeremy Allen White) out of the house.

Episode 10: A Great Cause: Monica gets into trouble and is arrested. Sheila (played by Joan Cusack) takes in a crack addict.

Episode 11: Just Like the Pilgrims Intended: It is Thanksgiving and Monica tries to commit suicide while Karen goes into labour. Ian meets a businessman named Ned (played by Harry Hamlin).

Episode 12: Fiona Interrupted: Frank tries to figure out a way to break Monica out of the psychiatric facility. Ian once again bumps into Ned.

Special Features: Behind the Scenes: Writing the Shameless Version, A Shameless Actor Discussion, The Complicated Life of Fiona Gallagher, The Art of Acting Drunk, Deleted Scenes, A Shameless Look at Season 3, Music Video: “The Shameless Christmas Carol”

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