A$ap Rocky – Long.Live.A$ap

Things move fast in today’s music industry. Bands or artists do not have to tour in small clubs or as opening acts for years before they gain commercial success. Because of technology artists are now releasing their own music digitally (cheaply) and becoming hits right off the hop. A$ap Rocky Continue Reading

Wang Chung – Tazer Up!

I seriously hope that fans of the British pop band were not holding their breath waiting for new stuff from them because twenty-three years is a long time to wait.  In 1989 the duo released The Lighter Side of Cool and it has been radio silence since then. Jack Hues Continue Reading

Arrested Development: Season 3

Satire, broad slapstick, risqué jokes and occurrences that a hilariously warped are all elements that make up Arrested Development, one of the best comedies to ever be on television. The Emmy-winner is about to make a comeback to the small screen so this is your chance to catch up if Continue Reading