Arrested Development: Season 3

Satire, broad slapstick, risqué jokes and occurrences that a hilariously warped are all elements that make up Arrested Development, one of the best comedies to ever be on television. The Emmy-winner is about to make a comeback to the small screen so this is your chance to catch up if you missed the first time around or refresh yourself as these are episodes you can watch over and over and never grow bored.

Episode 1: The Cabin Fever: Michael (played by Jason Bateman) and George-Michael (played by Michael Cera) head up to the family cabin that George Sr. (played by Jeffrey Tambor) never took Michael to. Michael realizes that it’s not his father in jail, but his Uncle Oscar (played by Jeffrey Tambor).

Episode 2: For British Eyes Only: Michael manages to get his father released from prison under the condition that George Sr. is under house arrest.  After telling his father they’re pleading guilty, George Sr. tries to convince Michael that he was set up by the British.

Episode 3: Forget Me Now: The Bluth family hires Bob Boblaw (played by Scott Baio) to be the new family lawyer. Michael goes on his first date with Rita (played by Charlize Theron), a beautiful woman with her own secret.

Episode 4: Notapusy: Lindsay (played by Portia Di Rossi) begins working as a nanny for Bob Boblaw in the hopes of getting him to marry her later.  Steve Holt (played by Justin Grant Wade), Gob’s (played by Will Arnett) son, wants to spend some time with his father but ends up running a triathlon with Michael.

Episode 5: Mr. F: Tobias (played by David Cross0 mistakes his gym buddy for a Hollywood agent when he is really a CIA agent. The Bluth Company begins to slide when Michael starts spending too much time with Rita.

Episode 6: The Ocean Walker: Michael announces to his family that he’s getting married to Rita, so she can stay in the country. George-Michael is the only one who catches on that Rita is mentally challenged.

Episode 7: Prison Break-In: The Bluth Foundation dinner is a mere week away. Tobias is told that his hair transplant is rejecting his body and if he keeps it he will die.

Episode 8: Making a Stand: Michael is frustrated that George Sr. is making him have Gob work in the Bluth Company. Lindsay still wants to go through with the divorce with Tobias so she can hook up with Bob Boblaw.

Episode 9: S.O.B.’s: Bob Boblaw is no longer the family lawyer so in order to hire another they need lots of money quickly. George-Michael has been acting odd lately which concerns his father.

Episode 10: Fakin’ It: Michael believes he might have an older sister named Nellie. George-Michael and Maeby (played by Alia Shawkat) find out they got fake married for real.

Episode 11: Family Ties: The woman (played by Justine Bateman) Michael believed to be his sister is actually a prostitute. Tobias and Lindsay prepare to have sex with each other by dating the same man.

Episode 12: Exit Strategy: George-Michael lies to Maeby and tells her that her parents are throwing her a surprise birthday party. Michael tells Gob he is not allowed to go on a USO tour to Iraq.

Episode 13: Development Arrested: All the charges have been dropped against George Sr. The Bluths contemplate selling their shares in the company.

Special Features: Deleted + Extended Scenes, Season 3 Blooper Reel, The Last Day on Location

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