Picking up with the violence, debauchery and mayhem that he left us off with, ISIS Agent Sterling Archer (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) is the most incompetent spy you’ve ever come across but you’ll love him anyway. What else would you expect from a spy whose code name is “Duchess”? The animated series from FX is guaranteed to have your eyebrows raised (it’s risqué) and you rolling in the aisle from laughter, the whole kit and caboodle includes Archer’s oversexed boss, who is also his mother (voiced by Jessica Walter), his ex-girlfriend, Lana (voiced by Aisha Tyler), who is also a spy, and ISIS comptroller Cyril (voiced by Chris Parnell), who is Lana’s new boyfriend, and his mother’s secretary, Cheryl (voiced by Judy Greer), who is ga ga for Archer.  Obviously his plate is full. Being outrageous and raunchy at the same time makes it sinfully delightful in my book.

Episode 1: Heart of Archness, Part 1: Adventurer Rip Riley (voiced by Patrick Warburton) finally manages to locate Archer in the South Pacific.

Episode 2: Heart of Archness, Part 2: Archer has become the Pirate King of this tropical island and his ISIS colleagues halfheartedly attempt to rescue him.

Episode 3: Heart of Archness, Part 3: Archer and those being held prisoner with him attempt to escape from the Pirate Fortress.

Episode 4: The Man From Jupiter: Archer finds himself jealous when his mom starts dating his man crush, Burt Reynolds (voiced by the man himself).

Episode 5: El Contador: Cyril is promoted and becomes a field agent.

Episode 6: The Limited: ISIS is helping the Royal Canadian Mounted Police transport a prisoner by train.

Episode 7: Drift Problem: One birthday surprise for Archer, a good one, leads to a bunch of other ones which are not so good.

Episode 8: Lo Scandalo: Malory finds herself in a fix with the Italian Prime Minister so she asks Lana and Archer for some advice.

Episode 9: Bloody Ferlin: Ray’s younger brother finds himself in trouble in the backwoods of West Virginia and it is Archer to the rescue.

Episode 10: Crossing Over: Archer’s sexual adventures really begin negatively affecting his job.

Episode 11: Skin Game: Though she was thought to be dead, Archer’s fiancée Katya (voiced by Ona Grauer) turns up in Doctor Krieger’s (voiced by Lucky Yates) lab.

Episode 12: Space Race, Part 1: Archer and other ISIS agents travel to the International Space Station to stop a disaster from happening.

Episode 13: Space Race, Part 2: The ISIS agents begin to wish they had not come to the International Space Station.

Special Features: “Heart of Archness” extended version, “Answering Machine Messages” and “Cooking with Archer” featurettes, and Gator 2 trailer.