Rush – 2112

In 1976 this rock trio from Ontario became stars with the release of this opera. Of course, to make it more palatable to younger music fans the opera has to do with a society named Megadon in which music has been outlawed. A young boy finds a guitar and learns to play it. Finding out what he has done the priests from the Temples of Syrinx deem him a criminal. It is up to this young boy to revive the spirit of music before the priests capture him.

The music has all been remastered and the deluxe edition contains the addition of three live tracks, new album cover, previously unreleased photos, a blu-ray, liner notes and a digital comic book version of the story behind the opera.  It works as a rock opera due to the genuineness of the three guys creating it.  Written by drummer Neil Peart it demonstrates the variety of music the band is capable of from quiet acoustic to ear shattering hard rock. It also more than adequately shows the depth that Rush is capable of. They have never been a band who was married to creating the perfect hook. The larger picture was always more important to them than instant gratification. Many began their Rush journey with this album and today’s generation of music fans is offered the same chance.

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