Anger Management: Season One – Blu-ray Edition

They say that we all deserve a second chance and Anger Management is Charlie Sheen’s second chance.  It is also probably his last. He was once atop the television food chain but he allowed his addictions to wreck that.  Sheen was made a wealthy man due to the inexplicable success of the series Two and a Half Men.  In a drug and drink induced haze he frittered that away but as Hollywood is known to do a former highly bankable star was given another series.  Fans have short memories and Anger Management is a hit. Now everyone, including Sheen himself, must have their fingers crossed hoping he does not mess things up again.

Episode 1: Charlie Goes Back to Therapy: Charlie (played by Charlie Sheen), an ex-ballplayer who is now a therapist, decides he himself needs some therapy after beating up his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.

Episode 2: Charlie and the Slumpbuster: Charlie’s problems grow when he tries to help out a guy from his ballplaying days.

Episode 3: Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation: When Charlie tries sleep deprivation with his group the results are very interesting.

Episode 4: Charlie and Kate Battle Over a Patient: A therapist war between Charlie and Kate (played by Selma Blair) leads to Kate stealing a patient of Charlie’s named Patrick (played by Michael Arden).

Episode 5: Charlie Tries to Prove Therapy is Legit: Charlie falls for a woman (played by Denise Richards) who does not believe in therapy.

Episode 6: Charlie Dates Kate’s Patient: To get back at Kate for something she said to him, Charlie begins dating one of her patients.

Episode 7: Charlie’s Patient Gets Out of Jail: Charlie’s ex-wife (played by Shawnee Smith) begins dating a man (played by James Black) just out of jail to get back at Charlie.

Episode 8: Charlie Outs a Patient: Charlie begins to doubt his abilities as a therapist when a patient engages in the exact behaviour that gets him in trouble.

Episode 9: Charlie’s Dad Visits: Charlie’s father Martin (played by Martin Sheen) comes for an unexpected visit.

Episode 10: Charlie Gets Romantic: After having sex and then some ensuing awkwardness leads Charlie and Kate to decide on the nature of their relationship.

Special Features: Charlie’s Baby – New Interviews with Charlie Sheen, the cast and the series’ creator, Behind The Couch: Meet Charlie’s Patients, Anger Mismanagement – Gag Reel

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