Justified: The Complete Third Season

U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens (played by Timothy Olyphant) is what you would call old school.  A crack shot he is the type of law enforcement official who shoots first and asks questions later. This makes him very effective but it also gets him trouble…often. Working back in his hometown of Harlan County, Raylan finds himself surrounded by crooked politicians, big city drug cartels, murderers, hidden millions, and different crime elements that are fighting for control of crime in the area. He has to keep on the tiptoes of his boots and shoot straight from the hip.

Episode 1: The Gunfighter: Mags Bennett is dead and Raylan is healing his wounds while trying to figure out where all the drugs and money from the Bennett family have been stashed.

Episode 2: Cut Ties: A still recovering Raylan is hoping to stop Boyd Crowder (played by Walton Groggins) from seeking revenge for the shooting of his sister-in-law, Ava (played by Joelle Carter).

Episode 3: Harlan Roulette: Boyd is looking to take control of all the crime in Harlan County. He just needs to find Mags’ hidden money.

Episode 4: The Devil You Know: After a prison break Dickie Bennett (played by Jeremy Davies) is on the hunt for his dead mother’s money.

Episode 5: Thick As Mud: While attempting to halt Dewey Crowe’s (played by Damon Herriman) crime spree, Raylan uncovers a human organ sales outfit.

Episode 6: When the Guns Come Out: After a robbery and a triple murder occurs at a drug clinic he runs, Boyd seems to be on a collision course with a crime syndicate from Detroit.

Episode 7: The Man Behind the Curtain: Robert Quarles (played by Neal McDonough) of Detroit looks to take over the drug running in Harlan County and uses someone from Raylan’s past to help accomplish his goals.

Episode 8: Watching the Detectives: Winona’s (played by Natalie Zea) ex-husband Gary (played by Williams Ragsdale) is murdered by Quarles and FBI becomes the prime suspect in an FBI investigation.

Episode 9: Loose Ends: Boyd has been framed for an attempt on the Sheriff’s (played by David Andrews) life by placing a bomb under his car while Raylan continues to go after Quarles.

Episode 10: Guy Walks Into a Bar: Boyd looks to get his candidate to win the Sheriff’s race and Raylan tries to keep Dickie Bennett in prison.

Episode 11: Measures: Detroit mob hitmen arrive in Harlan County and Dickie frantically searches for his mother’s millions.

Episode 12: Slaughterhouse: A state trooper is killed on the hunt for Quarles and Raylan finds himself in the middle of the battle for control of crime in Harlan County.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Crossing the Line: Making Season 3, Previews of Breaking Bad: Season 4 on Blu-ray + DVD, Company of Heroes, Looper, Ellstin’s Joint: Noble Holler’s Set Tour, Outtakes, Anatomy of a Stunt

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