You can not find much better or closer friends than Dora and her beloved Boots. Despite the fact that she is a little girl and he is a monkey they don’t let that come between them. We all could learn a little about the magic of true friendship from them. Watch and learn!

Episode 1: Boots’ First Bike: Boots is now big enough for his first big-kid bike and so he goes with Dora to the bike shop to pick one out.

Episode 2: Vacaciones!: It is time for vacation and Dora and Boots pack their bags to meet up with Diego and Baby Jaguar to spend a night at the Rainforest Campground.

Episode 3: Bouncy Boots: Boots really wants to get his boots back from the shoe shop but when he goes to pick them up he gets bouncy boots instead.

Episode 4: The Big Red Chicken’s Magic Wand: The Big Red Chicken accidentally breaks his magic wand after he has turned Boots into a chicken, so Dora has to go to Magic Land in order to try and get the wand repaired at the Wand Shop.