Meek Mills – Dreams and Nightmares

Another young rapper starting out his career who is riding the wave of his acclaimed 2011 mix tape, Dreamchasers.  In the late fall Meek Mills released his debut album, Dreams and Nightmares. A product of the Rick Ross stable, Meek Mills is one of the most hyped young MCs on the scene today. He certainly seems to have the cahones to shoulder the pressure of being at the top of the young hip hop food chain. The aggressive style of rapping he does makes it seems like he is spitting out his lyrics. Lyrically he does not break any ground in that he goes through the usual I was poor and now I have money and women love me territory. No real depth to be found in his words. If he is attempting to tell his story then it is not a very interesting one. There is also a “sound” going on here despite the fact that each track was produced by someone different. It gets a little repetitive and trance inducing after a while as there is little variance. Honestly my attention wandered due to the similar sound and the shallow lyrics. There are only three songs that I can recommend: “Amen” (featuring Drake), “Dreams and Nightmares” and “Tony Story 2”. Hopefully he is given the room he needs for growth because there is potential it is just not being realized yet.

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