Merlin: The Complete Fourth Season – Blu-ray Edition

Camelot was a dangerous area back in the day. Prince Arthur (played by Bradley James) needs someone to watch his back and Merlin (played by Colin Morgan) is the man named to the job. The job is a full time one with battling monsters, assassins, sorcerers, and other assorted villains. On top of all of that Merlin has, this season, to keep an eye on Morgana (played by Katie McGrath) as her ambition puts the Prince in peril. A thrilling middle ages series filled with cool stunts, action and plenty of CGI effects.

Episode 1: The Darkest Hour, Part 1: Morgana has upset the balance of the world and Prince Arthur’s life is in danger.

Episode 2: The Darkest Hour, Part 2: The kingdom is about to collapse and Morgana, seeing the weakness, is contemplating an attack.

Episode 3: The Wicked Day: Camelot is getting ready for the birthday of Prince Arthur while a long time foe of the King’s is plotting to make it a day no one will forget.

Episode 4: Aithusa: A mysterious stranger named Julius Borden (played by James Callis) arrives in Camelot with some interesting information.

Episode 5: His Father’s Son: Shortly after his coronation, Arthur truly begins to realize what it means to be king.

Episode 6: A Servant of Two Masters: Through her magic, Morgana turns Merlin into a threat to the young king.

Episode 7: The Secret Sharer: Morgana now has allies on each side of the castle walls and also possesses a secret about Merlin.

Episode 8: Lamia: A strange illness strikes and Merlin travels to a far off village for some answers.

Episode 9: Lancelot du Lac: Sir Lancelot (played by Santiago Cabrera) is back from the dead and his feelings for Gwen (played by Angel Coulby) haven’t changed.

Episode 10: A Herald of the New Age: Despite being warned by Merlin, Sir Elyan (played by Adetomiwa Edun) does something that sets off a chain reaction.

Episode 11: The Hunter’s Heart: The Southron warlord Helios (played by Terence Maynard) and Morgana form a powerful alliance with the aim of defeating Camelot.

Episode 12: The Sword in the Stone, Part 1: Morgana leads an attack by the Southron army against Camelot.

Episode 13: The Sword in the Stone, Part 2: King Arthur and Merlin are outlaws on the run after Morgana wins and takes over Camelot.

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