Dropkick Murphys – Signed and Sealed in Blood

Even if Irish tinged punk is not your thing Dropkick Murphys has always been worth a listen due to their cheeky lyrics filled with stories about family dysfunction, fights, drinking, girls, and parties. There is nothing here that you would not expect from the boys from Boston. They really don’t need to change it up as they have comfortably settled into a niche that they serve well. The songs are rocking, raw and alcohol fueled. Despite the breakneck speed of the songs the lyrics will make you sit up and pay attention as they are that good. They are a good time band and that continues on their eighth full-length album release. Though they are well into their career they continue to turn the volume up on their music. Get your ear plugs ready! Almost each track contains raging vocals, thumping drums, pulsating bass, and roaring guitars. Plus the melodies are all very catchy. You’ll be singing along with each of the choruses. The energy is high and there is enough variety here that one song does not blend into the next which is the worry with this genre.

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