Blue-Eyed Butcher

Spousal abuse is a serious subject.  It deserves better than this.  My patience is wearing a little thin with these based on a true story Lifetime movies. This one especially is like one of those bad dramatic recreation shows. I felt a little like I was the one being abused while watching this disaster.  If I was to sum it up in one word that word would be – awful.

While on vacation, Susan (Sara Paxton – Sydney White, The Last House on the Left – 2009) meets a man she believes to be Mr. Right.  Actually his name is Jeff Wright (Justin Bruening – from television’s All My Children).  At the start they are the perfect couple then Susan accidentally gets pregnant and they get married.  Soon enough cracks start showing in the marriage.

Jeff has been doing drugs and going to strip bars over the entire course of their marriage.  He is unpredictable.  His explosive temper becomes totally unpredictable and Susan and their two boys bear the brunt of it.  No matter how clean Susan keeps the house or how fit she keeps herself Jeff is not happy.  Susan even tries to leave him once but he convinces her to come back and then physically threatens her to never do that again.

After one particularly brutal fight Susan can take no more.  She waits until he is asleep and ties him to the bed.  Then she proceeds to stab him almost 200 times and then buries the body in the backyard.  Believing he is alive Susan stands guard over his body. Then she tells his parents and everyone else that Jeff left

Finally the truth is found out and Susan stands trial with Kelly Siegler (Lisa Edelstein – from television’s The Good Wife) wanting her found guilty of murder.  Will a jury of her peers find this beautiful and innocent looking woman who was abused by her husband guilty of murder?

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