Season 2 is even better than season 1. This is a series that is heading in the right direction as season 1 was strong. They have raised the bar in every respect in season 2. The writing draws you in with its boldly and fully realized characters, the Cold War setting is not trivialized and is realistic and the actors/actresses are very talented. Some have compared it to Mad Men because they both take place primarily in the work place. Once you watch it you realize quite quickly that they have very little in common. Yes, they are both period pieces and yes, there is a lot of smoking and drinking, but that is where it ends. The Hour is centered around a television news show and its attempts to get off the ground by gaining an audience.

Episode 1: 2/1: Randall Brown (played by Peter Capaldi) is named as the new head of news and starts off with a bang angering Bel (played by Ramoloa Garai).

Episode 2: 2/2: Freddie (played by Ben Whishaw) is assigned to interview a racist criminal on the show and Hector (played by Dominic West) is arrested and charged with the beating of a club hostesss.

Episode 3: 2/3: Randall tells Lix (played by Anna Chancellor) the real reason he has returned to Britain and Hector finds out something shocking about Commander Stern (played by Peter Sullivan).

Episode 2/4: Lix and Randall get a letter that claims that their daughter is alive. Camille (played by Lizzie Brochere) leaves Freddie saying that Bel and his job are more important than her.

Episode 2/5: Bel begins to realize how dangerous Cilenti (played by Vincent Riotta) is but Freddie and Hector are too deep in it to stop.

Episode 2/6: Hector is ready to leave BBC and move on to ITV in order to keep his marriage aliveā€¦and for more money.

Episode 2/7: Cilenti is arrested for the murder of Rosa Maria but then is released on bail. Hector is caught in the raid on the club and the papers mentions his attack on the hostess, but surprisingly Marnie (played by Oona Chaplin) sticks by him and announces she is pregnant.