Unlike most television shows Tosh.0 does not release complete seasons. Rather this is a collection of sixteen episodes from the second season which have been grouped under the deep v (because he wears shirts with deep v necklines) category.

Now, I think I have a pretty good sense of humour and allow for all kinds of viewpoints but I have to say that this show goes too far. It is not because of the “R” rated humour (of the gross and sexual variety) rather his comments which go over the admittedly fuzzy line of decency. Just because you make obviously over-the-top racist or sexist statements does not cancel out the racism or sexism. Racist and sexist people (those most like to be watching this show) are not going to be able to see that you are really just trying to be funny and don’t actually believe what you are saying.

That being said the show does have some value as some of the videos are unbelievable and entertaining. Maybe it would be best to watch this with you mute button on when Daniel Tosh is speaking.

Episode 1: Videos include – Hillbilly lumberjacks, The Moist Maker, Cute Baby Video, Do Not Play with Fire, Cupcake Eating Contest, LARPERs Doing Live-Action Dungeons and Dragons, Pot Convention

Episode 2: Videos include – The World’s Most Laid Back Motorcycle Gang, What the WNBA Needs, Flip Flops are not Idiot Proof, A Look Behind the Iron Curtain, What Do You Mean it’s a Butterfly and Not a Horse?, An I Hate Video

Episode 3: Videos include – A Guy Who Does Not Feel Comfortable in his Own Skin, DJ Sexual Harassment, Roller Coaster in the Backyard, The Poopmobile, Pool Trick Shot, A Game of Is It Racist?

Episode 4: Videos include – Skateboard Video, Guy Stuck in an Elevator for 41 Hours, Illegal Dance Videos, Piss Ups

Episode 5: Videos include – The Cartwheeling Soccer Goalie, Cannonball Gone Wrong, Bros Icing Bros, Wake Up Call

Episode 6: Videos include – Homemade Zip Line, Time for Recess, Living Pictures, Ireland: The Birthplace of White Trash, A White Guy Wins a Fight, A Guy Looking for a Girlfriend on the Internet, Stop Hitting Yourself, Fan Inappropriate Dancing

Episode 7: Videos include – Fighting Giraffes, Asia’s Best Bakery, Cancelled World of Warcraft Account Freak Out, Unfortunate Domain Name

Episode 8: Videos include – A Suicide Attempt, A Skateboard and a Basketball are a Bad Combination, Tyler Perry’s: Madea Goes to the Playground, The Worst Stand-Up Comedian, Guess What Happens Next?, Male Cheerleader

Episode 9: Videos include – Merry-Go-Wrong, The Greatest DJ Ever, What Teenage Boys Do in Their Room When They Think They’re Alone, The Worst Weather Man

Episode 10: Videos include – Stairway to Hell, 100% Baby Fat, The Peter Pan Girls, Bottle Rocket in the Shower, What Did I Do to Nathan?

Episode 11: Videos include – How Else Are You Gonna Clean Your Bricks?, Downside of Open Bar at Wedding, Fruit of Balloons, The Angry Black Preacher, The Green Way to Rid the World of Offensive Books, Moment of Men

Episode 12: Videos include – Greatest Funeral Procession Ever, Nobody Puts These Babies in a Corner, How Do You Like Them Apples?, American Idol Girls, Street Justice, Anti-Gay Press Conference in Uganda, A Pair of Nuts

Episode 13: Videos include – Fastest Kid in the World, Even Strip Bars are Outsourcing, An Audience of One, Why Boys Are So Popular in Thailand, Never Hit a Woman Who’s Dating a Boxer, Camping with Double Rainbow Guy, Patron Challenge, Things You Should Never Run Into a Room and Yell, Daniel Tosh’s Exact Opposite, Celebrity Net Worth

Episode 14: Videos include – Best Wedding Ever, New Trailer Park World Record, A Shortcut That Didn’t Work Out, The Least Pee Shy Man in the World, Too Fat to Sit, The I Like Turtles Kid, First!, Prisoner or Million Dollar Athlete

Episode 15: Videos include – Proof There Really Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea, Advanced Spin Class, Bruise Cruise, Why Do You Take Your Shirt Off?, The Reporter Who Can’t Break Glass

Episode 16: Videos include – Have You Ever Wondered What the Valets Are Doing With Your Car?, How to Leave a Tip at a Pancake Place, The Human Piggy Bank, MVP of the Season, The Perfect Internet Video

Special Features: Bonus Videos