The Joy Formidable – Wolf’s Law

Sounding like a tribute album to 90s rock, The Joy Formidable’s latest seems like they are determined to go big or go home. They attack each song with such a fervor you think that a guitar string is surely going to break at any moment. That, thankfully, never happens and they keep plowing forward. This is really no surprise for those who listened to their 2011 debut album, The Big Roar.  The roar hasn’t dulled on their sophomore effort. Despite all the “noise” going on the lyrics manage to be quite profound as they deal with politics, nature, wildlife, and personal matters in a very mature and cogent manner. While staying true to the sound they introduced us to on the first album they still have demonstrated plenty of growth. The first half of the album is more accessible than the second half, so I found myself returning to those songs more after my first go though. A total stunner, with its soft intro that leads to a crunching sound assault, is the album’s lead off track, “The Ladder is Ours”.

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