Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution: Season 2

He is so cute!  You just want to pick him up and squeeze him. That would be pretty much impossible though because Gabriel Iglesias is a rather large man. A large man with an equally big sense of humour. On Comedy Central the stand-up comedian has his own show called Stand-Up Revolution which features himself as the host and two other stand-up acts.  This season the show takes place in Southern Florida.

Episode 1: Acts – Trevor Noah, who talks about stand-up being like sex and his dream of coming to America from South Africa. Dov Davidoff, who talks about how unemployment is so high we watch TV shows about people working and how did Columbus discover a land that had 7 million inhabitants. Plus the world premiere of “Stand-Up Revolution” by Ozamatli.

Episode 2: Acts – Nick Guerra, who talks about how he gets hit on by a lot of lesbians and how short people don’t get violent. Gina Yashere, who talks about how there are black people in England and how her deep voice is not sexy.

Episode 3: Acts – Dillon Garcia, who talks about chubby chasers and how ladies are the nicest, meanest people on the face of the Earth. Wil Sylvince, who talks about how cheating on tests in school used to take skills and how we all say we’re not going to grow up to be like our parents.

Episode 4: Acts – Dustin Ybarra, who talks about how everyone smokes weed in California and why do coupons expire? Thai Rivera, who talks about being gay and how he is not racist, he’s just from Arizona.

Episode 5: Acts – Alfred Robles, who talks about how everyone has a crazy friend and how it sucks to be a Jehovah Witness. Tony Baker, who talks about how being 25% white really affects his choices and how he smiles on stage because it doesn’t work on the street.

Episode 6: Acts – Ian Bagg, who talks about how you should never have a cat lick a baby clean and how he loves how girls in Florida wear high heels and shorts. Pablo Francisco, who talks about Judge Judy and how his bald spot looks like a yamaka.

Special Features: Outtakes, Hey It’s Fluffy Cartoons, Ozomatli + Gabriel Iglesias “Stand-Up Revolution” Music Video – Behind  the Scenes

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