Conor Maynard – Contrast

He has been touted at the Justin Bieber of the UK. Conor Maynard is all of 20-years-old and makes the young ladies swoon with his boy-next-door looks and smooth singing voice. He is also another YouTube discovery who has now shot to mega stardom over in the UK.  Following the massive success of One Direction and The Wanted, Contrast, his debut, album has now been released in North America. Like those aforementioned boy bands he makes a very accessible and of the moment brand of music. He is an artist who knows his audience and plays to them. No apologies. If I had to put a label on it I would call it R&B tinged pop music. The tracks on Contrast could have been sung by any other young male vocalist. Let me explain that statement. Songs like “Animal” and “Can’t Say No” are rather generic, if you are going to be completely honest about it. Don’t get me wrong, the guy can definitely sing and the songs will get stuck in your head after you’ve heard them. Also, Conor Maynard is either well respected by his peers are well supported by his label because there are collaborations with Frank Ocean, Diane Warren, Pharrell Williams, and Ne-Yo on the album.

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