Death Race 3: Inferno – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

I know that we have become a society transfixed with reality shows and television. Death Race would be a doozy of a show. I’m not sure that many people would be turned off by the fact that we are being entertained by a bunch of the worst criminals in the world killing each other off in a race for their freedom.  The concept is good.  Unfortunately, the execution is poor…very poor.

After being incarcerated for killing a police officer Carl Lucas (Luke Goss – Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Blade II) really believed he had no hope of ever seeing the outside of a prison in his life.  Then a glimmer of hope came in the form of Death Race.  Death Race is a brutal vehicle race in which killing other contestants is allowed and even encouraged.  Any person who wins four of these grueling and treacherous races is granted their freedom.  Lucas, at the urging of the prison warden and the mind behind Death Race Weyland (Ving Rhames – Pulp Fiction, Mission: Impossible III), has assumed the persona of Frankenstein during the races.

Then his glimmer of hope is snatched away by the man who take over Death Race.  Stinking rich and über powerful Niles York (Dougray Scott – Hitman, Mission: Impossible II) has struck a deal with Lucas, which is really not a deal at all.  He proposes that Frankenstein (Lucas) lose the next race on purpose in order to gain his freedom and spare the lives of his team, Goldberg (Danny Trejo – Machete, Heat), Lists (Fred Koehler – Death Race, Mr. Mom) and his former lover Katrina (Tanit Phoenix – Safe House, Lord of War).

The deadly race will take place for the first time in South Africa’s unforgiving Kalahari Desert.  It sees Lucas trying to stay one step ahead and alive of his competitors who want him dead.

I can see where they wanted to go with this film – into B movie territory forged by the likes of Roger Corman, who had a film called Death Race 2000.  Sadly for fans of films like that they don’t even get close.  I don’t even think that fans of the first two films will be happy with number three.

Everything works against the film.  The editing seems very haphazard and leads to a finished product that doesn’t seem like a complete thought.  It is all over the place and seems like it was made just to show some half dressed women fighting and bad guys killing each other.  Oh, and also as a medium to allow Dougray Scott to do the worst case of overacting (as the bad guy) I’ve seen in a long time.

Special Features:

-Alternate Opening

-Deleted Scenes

-Deleted Shots Montage

-The Making of Death Race 3: Inferno

-Racing for Death

-Art Imitating Life: Goldberg

-My Scenes


-Digital Copy

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