Justin Bieber – Believe Acoustic

Now I hate to be another one of those older types who says something negative about the Justin Bieber’s music but…I have never really understood the acoustic versions of pop albums.  What is the purpose?  Is it a shameless grab at money or is it Justin Bieber trying to show that he really is a true artist and not simply a prefabricated pop act? I guess what I can say in defense of the release of this album is that you can two new previously unreleased songs. If I’m to ignore the whole acoustic version of an album already released argument and just talk about the album itself then…The bluesy version of the hit single “Boyfriend” was surprise.  We really get to hear The Biebs’ more mature voice. Begrudgingly I have to admit I like the deeper quality to it with still the ability to hit high notes. With all the usual production stripped away it does add something a little different to the songs. It is not just aimed towards older folks as his young fan base will still find things to love. The slowed down versions of the songs make them all sound like love songs so his preteen audience will swoon over them.

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