Fascination Coral Reef 3D – 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray Combo Edition

The final film of the Universal trio of January 2013 underwater documentary releases.  Once again we dive into the colourful world of the ocean’s coral reefs.  All the flora and fauna are shown along with the species that depend upon this rich ecosystem for it survival.

Once again the documentary is rather dry and filled with way too many scientific facts.  Not that learning is boring, but the way it is presented is way above the average person’s grasp.  It sounds like your bored high school science teacher is providing the narration and is doing it with one eye on the clock hoping the bell to signal the end of class will ring.  There is no attempt to match the wonder that is going on in the coral reefs as it is all delivered very passively.  The science is focused on rather that the beauty and amazing abilities of the species in the coral reef which I’m sure will lead to many nodding off during the

While the photography is stunning the pace we travel at – leisurely would be an exaggeration – lends to boredom settling in.  Though the images are crisp and clear the 3D element really adds nothing and ends up as a wasted feature.

Once again there are no special features.

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