Weeds: The Final Season – Blu-ray Edition

There is something very satisfying and at the same time frustrating about a television program that ends its run with a cliffhanger. I mean, bravo for not pandering to the masses and swimming against the current.  Though nothing less should be expected from a serious centered around a middle aged widow who with the aim of supporting her family starts and runs a very successful marijuana dealing operation. Along the way there are plenty ups and downs which makes sense as she gets her operation mixed up with several organized crime organizations. Add in the problems of bringing up three boys on her own and some sibling rivalry with her sister and it results in some very interesting television.

Episode 1: Messy: Shane (played by Alexander Gould) pursues the shooter as the gang rushes the shooting victim to the hospital. Silas (played by Hunter Parrish) uncovers that Shane has been going to a police academy.

Episode 2: A Beam of Sunshine: Silas continues his affair with Kiku (played by Kat Foster). Business propositions are pitched to Doug (played by Kevin Whealon) and Whit (played by Bruce Nozick).

Episode 3: See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die: Nancy (played by Mary-Louise Parker) drags Silas along on a road trip. The trip is an attempt to stop her son from killing her would-be killer.

Episode 4: Only Judy Can Judge: Silas makes friends with a local marijuana grower. Shane invites classmate Angela (played by Daniele Watts) to his family dinner.

Episode 5: Red in Tooth and Claw: Andy (played by Justin Kirk) takes up with another woman.  Shane and Angela take their relationship to the next level.

Episode 6: Allosaurus Crush Castle: Nancy starts looking for a job. Andy and Doug find out that one of them made Jill (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh) pregnant.

Episode 7: Unfreeze: Shane is about to graduate from police academy. Nancy finds herself with a very competitive new job.

Episode 8: Five Miles From Yetzer Hara: Silas is doing well in his job while Shane is not sure about his. Nancy gets an interesting proposition at work.

Episode 9: Saplings: Rumours start going around that Rabbi Dave (played by David Julian Hirsh) having an encounter with a person who is not a member of the congregation. A man comes to town and has an interesting offer for Silas.

Episode 10: Threshold: Nancy joins Rabbi Dave at a dinner with friends. Andy begins to become aware of the fact that he and his new wife have nothing in common.

Episode 11: God Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise: The Botwins are back and not everyone is happy about that. Nancy and the gang return to Regrestic.

Episode 12: It’s Time: It is Steve’s bar mitzvah. Nancy tries to reconnect with estranged loved ones.

Special Features: Messy: Audio Commentary with Jenji Kohan, “Everyday Advice from Guru Doug” Featurette, “Clippin’ the Buds: Medical Marijuana and the Marijuana Pill” Featurette, Gag Reel, Deleted Scenes, God Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise: Audio Commentary with Justin Kirk & Hunter Parrish, Season Finale “It’s Time”: Audio Commentary with Jenji Kohan, Matthew Salsberg and Roberto Benabib, “Weeds” Season 8: The Wrap Up!

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