For more than 50 years now scientists have been attempting to figure out Mars. In a scientific way. We sent probes there in the 1960s and still are working on unraveling the mystery of the planet. The probes have thus far not provided many answers except about what sort of dust covers Mars. There are more serious questions yet to be answered. What is there? Can it support human life? These are questions we are looking for answers to.

In 2011 a huge rover was produced fittingly named Curiosity. Curiosity’s mission was to gather more than soil samples from the mysterious planet. It had drills, cameras and wheels that could be used by scientists to gather more information that they ever had. Curiosity landed on the red planet in 2012.

Ultimate Mars Challenge is filled with information. Some of it went above my non-science brain while other stuff was incredibly fascinating. The tale of the rover Curiosity starts from construction and follows it all through its trip to Mars. An astonishing amount of research and effort goes into the building of Curiosity.

The story of the building of a rover that will bring more fruitful information back about Mars and its voyage to Mars is covered but the documentary is short. Running just 54 minutes they do pack plenty of information in it, though.