Christian Hansen – C’mon Arizona

Dancing the blues away is never a bad idea.  A nice mix of synth with pop usually does the trick. Christian Hansen, Christian Hansen (lead vocals), Molly Flood (vocals/keyboards), Al Boyle (drummer), and Dustin Hawthorne (bass), has undergone some change recently (band members and a move from Edmonton to Toronto) but it seems it is for the better. Tons of catchy tunes can be found on the interestingly named C’mon Arizona. It is an interesting mix of the peppy beats mixed with some heavy lyrics that see them singing about prison love and religious cults.  This is not love and puppy dog tails. Fear not, as the music totally will get your feet moving. The energy they pour into their songs is amazing and a number of the songs would fit in perfectly on the radio. Lots of 80s influence on many of the songs. Even a portion of the Madonna song “Holiday” to be found.

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