Nataly Dawn – How I Knew Her

When I first put this on to listen to I immediately got a feeling like I had heard this girl sing before. Then I read it was her debut label album so I was perplexed. After more research I discovered that she was one half of the YouTube musical sensation called Pomplamoose. Pomplamoose had received a lot of hits for their eccentric covers of different songs that they had posted. Mystery solved! A lot of gorgeous stuff goes on once you put this CD into your player. The vocals, harmonies, arrangements, and melodies can be described by no other word. Nataly Dawn’s sound is unique with a deft touch shown in lyric writing.  Plenty of emotion is contained in each track courtesy of words and her voice. The appeal of her voice, which has a great tone, is accentuated by her unique phrasing. Strong tracks include “Leslie” and “I Just Wanted You to Get Old”. My only negative feeling about the album is its length as it is a little too short.

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