The Client List: The Complete First Season

Texas housewife Riley Parks (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt) has the rug pulled out from under her feet one day but manages to scramble to her feet in order to support her two children. Now, you might take one look at Riley with her perfect body, long luscious hair and cute face and think that you don’t feel sorry for her. Think again. After her husband and former Texas football star Kyle (played by Brian Hallisay) up and abandons her out of the blue one day Riley’s world comes crashing down. Not only is she without a husband, Riley now has to find a way to pay her mortgage and feed her kids. Times are tough and jobs are not readily available. Riley is faced with taking a job in another town at a spa that offers “special” services to certain clients. It is obviously not ideal but Riley will do anything for her kids.

Episode 1: The Rub of Sugar Land: Riley and her husband are having money troubles. Neither can find a job. She decides to go to a massage spa a woman she knows recommends to her.

Episode 2: Turn the Page: Riley finds the number of a woman in one of Kyle’s pockets. When she confronts the woman she finds out something about her husband she never knew.

Episode 3: Tough Love: Evan (played by Colin Egglesfield) finds out more bad news about Kyle. Riley has her hands full with her kids.

Episode 4: Ring True: Riley’s not happy about going to the annual charity dance without Kyle. Evan offers to take her.

Episode 5: Try, Try Again: Riley is worried that her mother (played by Cybill Shepherd) is rushing into another relationship.  Everyone encourages Riley to date again.

Episode 6: The Cold Hard Truth: Lacey (played by Rebecca Field) confronts Riley about having plenty of cash in the freezer. Riley and Mark (played by Jon Prescott) organize a play date for their kids.

Episode 7: Life of Riley: Lacey admits to Linette that before Kyle left he admitted to her he was thinking of leaving Riley. After being stopped by the cop who came to the spa, Riley warns the other girls.

Episode 8: Games People Play: Selena (played by Alicia Lagano) and Evan begin seeing each other and he comes to see where she and Riley work. Riley is worried her son Travis (played by Tyler Champagne) is suffering from not having a man around.

Episode 9: Acting Up: Riley agrees to go to the country club dance with Mark. Dee Ann (played by Desi Lydic) is having trouble with a guy she’s seeing, who is a client and a city councillor.

Episode 10: Past is Prologue: Kyle shows up at the door late one night. No one is happy to see him again.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Previews of Playing for Keeps, Celeste + Jesse Forever, Kill For Me, A Dark Truth, The First Time

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