A group of male friends who are all quite different but complement each other in a kind of strange way. Doesn’t that sound like a good premise for a sitcom? I think so. Milo (played by Danny Masterson), Neal (played by Adam Busch), Tyler (played by Michael Cassidy) and Gibbs (played by James Lesure) work at the same men’s magazine and are good friends. Milo has just broken up with his long term girlfriend, Neal lives with his girlfriend Amy (played by Meredith Hagner), Tyler is the single pretty boy and Gibbs is the ladies’ man.

Crude moments, likable characters, good writing and acting. All this adds up to a decent series that I bet you have not seen yet. Don’t let this one slip between the cracks.

Episode 1: Pilot: Milo is dumped by his girlfriend (played by Amy Smart) and he is down in the dumps. His pals Neal, Tyler and Gibbs try to get him back in the dating game right away.

Episode 2: Milo Full of Grace: In order to impress Amy’s dad (played by J.K. Simmons) Neal makes a bunch of cuts at the magazine. Milo works hard on his first investigative article…maybe too hard.

Episode 3: Devil’s Threesome: Gibbs cannot get over the fact that he could not “perform” in a threesome with a beautiful woman and Milo. Tyler becomes too in touch with his feelings after a night out with Amy.

Episode 4: Heterotextual Male: A texting typo puts Milo’s chances of getting a second date in jeopardy. Gibbs and Tyler both work on an article about a well known sex therapist and both sample her expertise.

Episode 5: Toilet of Eden: After his ceiling caves in on him, Milo moves in with Tyler. Tyler forbids Milo from using his private bathroom but the temptation is too much for Milo.

Episode 6: Crazy for Milo: Milo has what he believes is a one night stand only the woman won’t leave his apartment. Tyler is very upset when his lie detector phone app reveals something about his and Gibbs’ friendship.

Episode 7: Plan B: Neal sets Milo up on a date with his friend Hannah (played by Laura Prepon) then finds himself jealous. In order to get a couples’ rate at a new gym, Gibbs and Tyler pretend to be a gay couple.

Episode 8: Wake and Bake: Much to everyone’s surprise including himself, Gibbs ends up with Neal and his weird friends in line waiting for the release of a video game. Tyler won’t give up on a woman who keeps standing him up even if it means meeting her at her grandfather’s funeral.

Episode 9: Inventing Milo: Milo invents an exercise suit that works while you are sleeping and is looking for an investor. Doing a cover photo and an article on Gibbs’ strange idol (played by William Baldwin) is easier said than done.

Episode 10: Super Milo: In a final effort to get over Lisa, Milo insists that the guys join him in a Decathalynn competition. It is then that Lisa shows up apologizing and wanting to get back together.

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