They Might Be Giants – Nanobots

At first glance at the 16th album by alt-rock duo They Might Be Giants you might be heard to utter something along the lines of “Good God!” That would be in reference to seeing twenty-five tracks listed on the back. When you look closer or start listening to the album then you’ll realize that most of the tracks are very short as the total time for the album is around forty five minutes. Around for about thirty years They Might Be Giants have never found huge commercial success but certainly have a collection of loyal fans. Fans of the band will be happy or maybe even ecstatic to discover their latest. It is creative and melodic. Proof that the creative juices are still flowing within John Linnell and John Flansburgh are not running dry. There are many great songs on the album like “Call You Mom”, “Sometimes A Lonely Way” and “Stone Cold Coup D’Etat” and even those that are not excellent are still good. It is a collection of songs that are catchy enough and filled with energy that you become attached to them on the very first listen.

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