An engaging series that occurs during the Victorian era in Toronto that centers on brilliant detective William Murdoch (played by Yannick Bisson) and his attempts to solve seemingly impossible cases. Murdoch is one of the forefathers of some of the technologies used to solve crimes.  Season four saw Murdoch go through a professional and personal crisis so at the beginning of season five he has abandoned his career path to take up gold prospecting.  Fear not as his true calling beckons and Murdoch is soon back to solving mysteries.

Episode 1: Murdoch of the Klondike: A heartbroken and disillusioned Murdoch begins working in Alaska as a gold prospector. He meets author Jack London (played by Aaron Ashmore) and realizes that turning your back on your true calling is not an easy thing.

Episode 2: Back and to the Left: There is an attempted assassination of Toronto’s Protestant Mayor. Murdoch believes it was a Catholic behind the attempt.

Episode 3: Evil Eye of Egypt: A death occurs at the opening of a sarcophagus from a recently discovered mummy’s tomb. Murdoch seizes the casket as evidence while Constable George Crabtree (played by Jonny Harris) has some odd ideas about who done it.

Episode 4: War on Terror: A shop explodes while Constables Crabtree and Higgins (played by Lachlan Murdoch) are inside. Higgins is badly injured while all the shopkeeper seems interested in is retribution.

Episode 5: Murdoch at the Opera: During the rehearsals for La Bohème an opera singer is poisoned. Murdoch believes the actual target was the difficult diva.

Episode 6: Who Killed the Electric Carriage?: An inventor of a ground-breaking kind of battery is killed. Murdoch’s primary suspect is his nemesis, James Pendrick (played by Peter Pendrick).

Episode 7: Stroll on the Wild Side, Part 1: Murdoch is working on the case of the kidnapping of demure librarian, Lucille Messing (played by Tori Anderson). While working on the case he discovers that a former flame also works at the library.

Episode 8: Stroll on the Wild Side, Part 2: Murdoch finds himself having to shoot a man as he is attacking Anna Fulford (played by Lisa Faulkner). She is obviously still in danger from the The Black Hand crime syndicate.

Episode 9: Invention Convention: After a hated inventor wins top prize at an invention convention he is shot. His fellow exhibitors are suspects, including Alexander Graham Bell (played by John Tench).

Episode 10: Staircase to Heaven: Dr. Grace’s (played by Georgina Reilly) friends get together on a stormy night to play cards and it ends when someone is shot. Murdoch begins the investigation only to discover that this was no usual card game.

Episode 11: Murdoch in Toyland: A young girl is kidnapped. At the scene a talking doll is left that mentions Murdoch by name.

Episode 12: Murdoch Night in Canada: Two teammates get into a fight leaving one dead. Once Murdoch starts investigating he finds out it is more than it seems.

Episode 13: Twentieth Century Murdoch: With the turn of the century coming up soon Murdoch begins to evaluate his life. A scientist comes to Toronto claiming to have made a time machine.

Special Features: Season Five Overview, Murdoch Travels to the Yukon, Murdoch at the Opera, Who Killed the Electric Carriage?, The Costumes, Unedited Sound Bites, Photo Gallery, Trailers from Case Histories and Garrow’s Law