FIFA Brings together Art and Film

When in Montreal the temperature starts getting a little warmer and the days a little longer you know it is time for FIFA.  Back for its 31st year FIFA is a film festival in which all the films are art related.  Art of many types like architecture, painting, fashion, music, sculpture, literature, and photography.  Always an important part of human creativity, the arts give us an outlet to express who we are, what we feel and our thought processes.

This year there will be 250 films from 30 countries.  Some of the countries being represented include Bahamas, Cuba, South Korea, Cambodia, Mexico, United States, France, Belgium, and Canada.  Each will try to give the viewer some insight on the art or artist involved.  These films give us access we would not have had otherwise.

To round out your experience there are also special events happening at FIFA.  For only the 3rd year FIFA is once again hosting something it calls the Market.  This involves workshops, panels, discussions, and performances involving some of the festival’s guests.  A tribute to Gerald Fox is part of the festival.  Twelve of this filmmaker’s, who has won prizes at this very festival, films will be screened.  For the second year FIFA is hosting a Children’s Screening.  This year they will show Les Quatres Saisons D’Antoine.

Additional Information:

-Dates:  March 14-24, 2013

-Venues:  Canadian Centre for Architecture (1920 Baile)

Phi Centre (407 Saint-Pierre Street)

Cinématheque Québecoise (335 de Maisonneuve East)

Grande Bibliothèque (475 Maisonneuve East)

McCord Museum (690 Sherbrooke West)

Musée D’art Contemporain de Montreal (185 Ste. Catherine West)

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (1379 Sherbrooke West)

Place des Arts – Cinquieme Salle (175 Ste. Catherine West)

Concordia University (1400 de Maisonneuve West)


-Ticket Purchase:  Place des Arts ticket box (175 Ste. Catherine West) or (514) 842-2112 or

-Ticket Prices: Single Tickets

Adults 12 $

Seniors (65 & older)   10 $

Youth (25 & younger)   9 $

Children (12 & younger)  5 $

Children’s screening no. 51 (adults or children)  5 $

VIP Ticket  20 $

Booklet – 8 Vouchers

Adults 85 $

Seniors (65 & older)   75 $

Youth (25 & younger)  65 $

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